Total Parenteral Nutrition

• Critical care

• Fluid replacements

• Lipids

• Enzyme replacements

• Chronic pain management

• Intra-Operative

Intended Use


• MRI compatible

   • Parenteral

   • Intravenous

   • Subcutaneous
   • Percutaneous
   • Intra-Arterial

BodyGuard 323MR™

Keep Patients on Their Existing

IV Lines

Reduce IV set preparation by utilizing

infusion sets that allow connection to

existing sets and syringe reservoirs.


Ease of Use

Pump operation similar to all BodyGuard

infusion pumps.


Mount up to 3 Pumps

Using a heavy based pole you can infuse

multiple drugs and stack pumps to

reduce space and increase mobility.


Safety & Security


MR Compatibility Accessory Free

Cleared for use on 1.5 and 3.0T scanners

at 2000 Gauss with castors locked.


Programmable Settings:

• Max flow rate

• Dose unit lock

• Keypad lock

• 3 level access codes


Post Occlusion Bolus Reduction System

Prevents delivery of false boluses

following a downstream occlusion event.

Precise In-Line Pressure Detection

Detects downstream and upstream pressure.


Built-In Free Flow Protection

CME administration sets include an

integrated anti-siphon valve to meet

JCAHO guidelines.




Wireless Remote Accessory

Remote monitor the pumps from the

control room using a standard PC and

easy to use software.


Syringe Holder

Easily mount your syringe for

syringe source delivery.


Heavy Based Pole

• With up to 6 hooks

• Heavy weight base

• Wheels with castors

Features & Benefits


Infusion Programs:

• Continuous

• Weight Based Dosing

• Non-Weight Based Dosing


Flexible Dosing Units

mg, mcg, U, mU with time units of min.

or hr.


0.1 - 1200 ml/h Flow Rates

Extra-wide range to serve a variety of

infusion regimens.


BodyComm™ Software

Review patient history with charts and

up to 512 events log or manage pump

settings on your PC.


Piston Mechanism

Delivers ± 5 % accuracy and 1.8μl linear

infusion even at low flow rates using

dedicated infusion sets.


Flexible Configuration


Supports Multiple Languages

Over 20 languages available to meet your

needs and preferences.