Optional acessories to add to your kit 

Wall Charger

Alternate charger for
ambulatory use

Bolus Cable

Ergonomic bolus-dose delivery handset

Pulse Oximeter

For continuous monitoring of SpO2 and pulse rate

Carry Bags


  • Waist or sholder pouch for 100-250ml continers
  • 2 & 3 liter backpacks for TPN patient

Tabletop Charger

Charges a standard/extended life battery

9V Battery Pack​


Holds two (2) 9V alkaline

Extended Life Battery​

Rechargeable Li-Polymer,


Standard Life Battery​

Rechargeable Li-Polymer,

Docking Stations

Robust docking station for multiple pump mounting with a single power cord

Pole-Mount Chargers​


Mount the pump on an IV

pole, bed pole, or rails

​Lock Boxes​

Safely secure the pump and
medication (100/250/500 ml)