Specialty Applications

With extensive experience developing specialty infusion products, CME now brings you its MR compatible and Hyperbaric compatible BodyGuard infusion pumps. We have done all the hard work so that you don’t have to. Our specialty products are designed and developed with particular care to provide more patients with access to MR infusion therapy as well as HBO therapies. Visit the product pages to learn more about the advantages of dedicated systems for these applications.

HBO Multi-Therapy Infusion Pump


Reliable infusion therapy that increases patient access to hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapies*. Built with patient safety in mind, the BodyGuard 323HB Color Vision™ overcomes the increased baseline pressure in an HBO mono-chamber reducing nuisance alarms and enabling safe and reliable infusions in a wide variety of cases. With BodyGuard 323HB Color Vision™, going into an HBO therapy isn’t a challenge anymore.

MR Infusion System


With the unique BodyGuard 323MR™ you can now deliver critical medications during MRI procedures; increasing patient access to imaging procedures and getting the diagnostic images needed for high quality patient care. The BodyGuard 323MR™ simplifies mobility from the prep room to the MR room with its small size and weight while the MR operator maintains wireless communication with the pump from the control room.

* The BodyGuard 323HB Color Vision™ is CE marked for use with HBO mono-chambers only. The pump is not to be used with any other application outside a Hyperbaric Department.