• Medication/analgesic

• Anaesthetics
• Critical care
• Palliative care
• Chemotherapy
• General fluid replacement

Intended Use


• Subcutaneous

• Intravenous
• Percutaneous
• Epidural
• Intra-arterial


​Features & Benefits

​Automatic Syringe Detection

Automatically detects the syringe brand
using 3 independent sensor system.


Unique algorithm detects your drugs
volume to reduce dosing errors.

Multi-Program Infusion
Deliver continuous infusion in:
• Lock ON
• Lock OFF
• Rate Mode

Programmable Flow Rates
0.1 - 1500 ml/h range to meet your

every needs*.

Programmable Infusion Time
Instead of rate, you can select from 10
minutes to 100 hours infusion time.
The T34L™ then automatically calculates
flow rate for you.

Programmable KVO Rate
0 – 2 ml/h range.

Configure Group Settings
BodyComm™ software with serial port
allows you to customize an infusion
protocol and program multiple T34L™
with the same protocol.

Air & Mobile Medicine
CME infusion pumps provide a complete
range of infusion onboard any air or
ground vehicle. CME pumps are
RTCA-DO160 compliant.

BodyComm™ Software
Review patient history with charts and
up to 1000 events log or manage pump
settings on your PC
, via an IRDA cable.

True Portability 



205 x 98 x 45 mm
The T34L™ fits anywhere.

Patients can carry it wherever they go.

Uses a long-life rechargeable

Li-Polymer battery for up to 40 hours 

at a rate of 25 ml/h.


​Flexible Configuration


Supports Multiple Languages

Over 20 languages available to meet your
needs and preferences.

PCA Model Available
Designed especially to deliver
analgesics using a Luer-Lock syringe.

Inpatient/Outpatient Accessories
A docking station is available for
pole-mounted use, as well as a carrying
pouch for home care.


Battery or AC-Powered
Change between battery and AC (mains)
power without interrupting infusion

Safety & Security

Dose Titration
Operator or patient can titrate flow rate
up to pre-set limit for safe, convenient
dose adjustment.


Full Alarm Protection
Helps prevent events and instill
confidence in patients.


Easy-Scroll Event Review
Press Info key for hour-by-hour event


3 Safety Control Points
Syringe must be engaged at plunger,
flange and collar before pump will start.


3-Level Access Codes
Prevent accidental or unauthorized
program changes.

* Specification may vary depending on software version.