Syringe Pumps

From small and ambulatory to robust and stackable CME offers syringe pumps to meet all practices. Automatic syringe and drug volume detection as standard, unparalleled accuracy and linearity of infusion, and ease of use are the core abilities our syringe pump systems. Explore complementary accessories and our cost saving low volume disposable extension sets.

Deliver Syringe Infusion Anywhere

Provide complete small-dose infusion therapy safely and economically wherever your patients receive care. The T34™ ambulatory syringe pump from CME contains many features of larger syringe pumps in one highly compact, lightweight design. The T34™ pump is easy to use for inpatient and outpatient applications.

Advanced Syringe Infusion

Enhance your syringe infusion capabilities in any care setting. The T34L™ syringe Pump from CME contains advanced syringe pump functionality in a lightweight, space-saving design. It’s many programming, safety and convenience features make the T34L™ easy to manage for any infusion protocol wherever the patient receives care. The pump also comes with rechargeable Li-Polymer battery to allow complete autonomy.

Precision Small Volume Infusion

T34-1ml™ is a unique accurate syringe pump that enables small volume syringe capability starting with 1ml syringes. Designed specifically for micro-infusion environments, the T34-1ml™ ambulatory syringe pump from CME is now the perfect partner for small volume drug infusions.