• Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN)
• Critical care
• Animal transport
• Emergency medicine
• Fluid replacements
• Lipids
• Enzyme replacements
• Chronic pain management

Intended Use


• Parenteral

• Intravenous
• Subcutaneous
• Percutaneous
• Intra-Arterial


​Features & Benefits


Infusion programs:
• Micro
• Macro
• 10-Steps

Piston Mechanism
Delivers ± 5 % accuracy and 1.8 μl linear
infusion even at low flow rates using
dedicated infusion sets.

0.1 to 999 ml/h Flow Rates
A wide range to serve a variety of
infusion regimens.

Ultrasonic Air Sensor
Provides 2 levels of air detection.


​Flexible Configuration


Human Pump Simplified
Software interface optimized for

veterinary use.


​Uses Universal Administration Sets
Calibrate to your choice of administration sets for optimal accuracy.


Automatic Prime Function
Prime the line using the "prime" key on

the keypad.


Economy & Convenience


Built-in Hook & Clamp for Cage/Pole

Easily hang the NIKI V4™ in animal
cage or pole; no need for additional


Money-Saving Rechargeable Battery

A recent cost analysis estimates a
savings of $600.00 per pump per year
using the rechargeable battery.


​Uses Standard Medication Bags

Reduce your cost of disposables.


​Safety & Security

Post-Occlusion Bolus Reduction System
Prevents delivery of false boluses
following a downstream occlusion event.

Precise In-Line Pressure Detection
Detects downstream and upstream

Auto Bolus Rate Reduction

Overcome patient back pressure to help
prevent transient occlusion alarms.