Veterinary Infusion Pumps

Innovative Technology Simplified for Animals 


The Vet-Pro VIP 2000™ is the golden standard amongst veterinary practitioners. Providing added features while maintaining its simplified interface, the Vet Pro VIP 2000™ enables you to start an infusion and attend to your practice with peace of mind. Reduced alarms and infusion accuracy are just a few of the benefits this innovative yet affordable pump provides.

The Vet Market Choice for Over 15 Years


Trusted by veterinarians to deliver vet infusions for over 15 years, the NIKI V4™ is a reliable infusion pump for delivering fluids and medications. The pump can be configured to most commonly used administration sets of your choice leading to valuable cost reductions.
With Macro, Micro, 10-Steps, and TPN modes it enables most therapies with an easy to use interface and clear numerical LED display.

Flexible 2 Channels Infusions


Two independent infusion channels extend your range of therapeutic options. With no other multiple channel device in its category the BodyGuard 121 Twins™ for Vet allows you to set up fast high volume rapid infusions, mix two different infusion solutions for an animal or infuse to two different animals from one device. It saves space and uses similar functionally as the single channel Vet Pro VIP 2000™ so it’s simple to learn and operate.

Syringe Pump for Special Care


With the Vet Pro SP 3000™ your animals receive the special care they require. Small dose, accurate and linear infusions are readily available as well as automatic brand, size and drug volume detection; making it easy and quick to set up an infusion for any animal. The pump also boasts are chargeable Li-Polymer battery to allow complete autonomy.