• Total Parenteral Nutrition

• Critical care
• Patient transport
• Emergency medicine
• Fluid replacements
• Lipids
• Enzyme replacements
• Chronic pain management

Intended Use


• Parenteral

• Intravenous
• Subcutaneous
• Percutaneous
• Intra-Arterial



​Features & Benefits


Diverse Treatment Options

BodyGuard Color Vision™ Volumetric

Pumps – State of the art delivery

of all infusion therapies; with customized

drug library and EMR connectivity.


BodyGuard 121 Twins™ Volumetric
Pumps - Ideal for high accuracy large
volume delivery of medication, fluid, and blood products.

T34L™ Syringe Pumps – Ideal for high
accuracy delivery of medication, fluid, and blood products in volumes < 60 ml.

T34L-PCA™ Syringe Pumps – delivers accurate analgesic infusion with drug library protocols.

NeoFeed™ Syringe Pumps – delivers

dedicated neonatal feeding accurately
and safely.


Flexible Configuration
You decide the number and type of pumps
needed for your practice.

Versatile Operation
Operator can remove a pump from the
MultiDock™ and mount it on any IV pole
for an ambulating patient.

Air & Mobile Medicine
CME infusion pumps provide a complete
range of infusion onboard any air or
ground vehicle. CME pumps are
RTCA-DO160 compliant.

​Economy & Convenience


All the infusion channels you need in one
space saving, price competitive design.
Helps you keep a clean and organized
patient environment.


Single Power Supply
Single 100-240V cable supplies up to 10
infusion channels.


Rechargeable Batteries
All mounted pumps are equipped with a primary rechargeable Li-Polymer battery that lets you remove any pump from the MultiDock™ without interrupting infusion.

Technical Specification 


Compatible with

BodyGuard Color VIsion™ or BodyGuard 121 Twins™, T34L™,

T34L-PCA™, NeoFeed™



1 x T34L™ pump or 1 x BodyGuard 121 Twins™ pump or 

BodyGuard Color Vision™ pump


4 x T34L™ pumps and 3 x BodyGuard 121 Twins™ pumps or

4 x T34L™ pumps and 3 x BodyGuard Color Vision™ pumps

Power Supply

1 x standard 110-240 power cable supply


Medical IV pole, bed pole, wall rails

Max Dimensions (H/W/D) (w/7 pumps docked)

711 x 600 x 120 mm

Max Weight (w/7 pumps docked)

8 Kg

Accessories (optional)

Heavy based IV pole assembly