Multi Channel Infusion Pumps

CME's range of multi-channel systems solve a range of infusion related problems in Intensive Care hospital and OPM environments; problems such as limited space, tubing misconnections, and patient mobility. With revolutionary dual channel and 4 channel designs you now enjoy the simple operation of many infusions on a single easy to use infusion pump. You can also stack volumetric and syringe pumps on a single MultiDock™ station that uses a single power source and organizes the trauma unit.

Flexible 2 Channels Infusion

Manage two regimens for your patient, bedside or on the go, using the BodyGuard 121 Twins™ dual-channel infusion pump from CME. Priced to compete with larger devices, the BodyGuard 121 Twins™ pump gives you the flexibility to deliver antibiotic, chemotherapy, TPN, and PCA infusion. Lightweight, easy-to-use design lets you set it up anywhere your patient needs care.

4 Infusion Channels - Simplified

I.V. pole mounted or portable, the Quadro™ multi therapy pump is ideally suited for emergency medicine including air/ground ambulances, and hospital ICU’s. Quadro™ can infuse simultaneously from each of its 4 channels with a potential 4.8 Liter/hour rapid infusion. The Quadro™ is essentially your cost effective multi-therapy pump that simplifies the clinical workload, even in the most challenging environments.

Connect & Manage Multiple Infusion Channels

Simplify management of multiple infusion therapies with a single device designed to save space, organize patient environment, and increase safety. CME now offers customized MultiDock stations with the configuration that meets your needs.