• Hydration

• Pre-medication
• Chemotherapy
• Biotherapies

Intended Use


• Intravenous

• Subcutaneous
• Percutaneous
• Intra-Arterial


​Features & Benefits


Multiple Infusion Programs for full Treatment Range:

• Continuous
• 25 Steps

Multi-Step Ramping Mode
Titrate rate and volume to automatically
ramp up or taper down at preprogrammed

Piggyback/Secondary Infusion
It’s easy to deliver from a secondary line
during continuous infusion.

Piston Mechanism
Delivers ± 5 % accuracy and 1.8 μl linear
infusion even at low flow rates using
dedicated infusion sets.

High-Visibility LCD Screen
A large, bright-red display lets you read
infusion values and messages from
across the room.

EMR Ready
Connect to Electronic Medical Record
systems to increase safety and optimize
clinical workflow.

BodyComm™ Software

Review patient history with charts and up to 1000 events log or manage pump settings on your PC.


​Flexible Configuration


​Supports Multiple Languages

Over 20 languages available to meet your
needs and preferences.

Adjustable KVO Rate
Maintain patency when infusion ends
to give yourself more time to manage
multiple patients.

Automatic Infusion Displays
No need to scroll through menus to see
the status of infusion. The pump’s display
cycles to show Infusion Rate, VI and VTBI

Rechargeable Battery
The pump will switch from AC to
battery automatically in case of a power
interruption. The battery enables patient

​Safety & Security

​Built-in Free Flow Protection

CME administration sets include an
anti-siphon to meet JCAHO

Precise In-Line Pressure Detection
Detects downstream and upstream
pressure; graphically displayed on screen.

Auto Bolus Rate Reduction

Overcome patient back pressure to help
prevent transient occlusion alarms.

Go With the Lean Delivery Pump
Run with the new CMExpress™ infusion
pump, the lean delivery pump designed
especially for greater efficiency and
economy in your infusion suite.


3-Level Access Codes
Prevent accidental or unauthorized
program changes.