Multi Purpose Infusion Pumps

Here you will find large volume infusion pumps suitable for any number of infusion environments. From large volume pumps suitable for hydration, antibiotics, chemotherapy and other treatments to TPN and Enteral feeding infusions. BodyGuard pumps offer a variety of infusion modes depending on the pump model such as Continuous, Drug Library, TPN, PCA, 25 Steps, and intermittent to suit the everyday needs of the hospitals and out-patient markets. Explore the different models to find the infusion pumps that best fits your requirements.

Advanced Multi Therapy Infusion Pump


Join the frontline of infusion therapy with BodyGuard 323 Color Vision™, the latest multi-purpose infusion technology from CME. Based on proven BodyGuard™ technology,the 323 Color Vision™ incorporates outstanding features such as large color screen, full drug library, and automatic calculation of drug concentration.