• Labor and delivery

• Surgery
• Post-operative pain management
• Chronic pain management

Intended Use


• Epidural


BodyGuard 545™

​Features & Benefits


Delivers 4 Infusion Programs:
• Basal Only
• Basal & Bolus
• Bolus Only
• Auto Bolus


Drug Library - Store up to 26 Protocols
Based on extensive clinical feedback,
CME designed a library of drug protocols
that offer dose error reduction and ease- of-use for each department.


Piston Mechanism
Delivers ± 5 % accuracy and 1.8 μl linear
infusion even at the lowest flow rates.


Flow Rates
Specific ranges for each application.
See spec sheet for further details.


Ultrasonic Air Sensor
Provides 2 levels of air detection.

​BodyComm™ Software

Review patient history with charts and
up to 1000 events log or manage pump
settings on your PC.


EMR Ready
Connect to Electronic Medical Record
systems to increase safety and optimize
clinical workflow.


Air & Mobile Medicine
CME infusion pumps provide a complete
range of infusion onboard any air or
ground vehicle. CME pumps are
RTCA-DO160 compliant.


Flexible Configuration

Inpatient/Outpatient Accessories
A docking station and lockbox are
available for pole-mounted use, and
a carrying pouch for home care.

Rechargeable or Disposable Batteries
Choose a rechargeable Li-Polymer
battery or a standard 9V (x2) disposable
battery pack.

Safety & Security

MediGuard Dose Error Reduction System
Based on patient’s weight, you can set
does limits to help prevent dosing errors.

Auto Bolus Rate Reduction
Overcomes patient back pressure to
help prevent transient occlusion alarms.

Post-Occlusion Bolus Reduction System
Prevents delivery of false boluses
following a downstream occlusion event.

Color-Coded Pump and Disposables
Quickly tell them apart from others.

3-Level Access Codes

Prevent accidental or unauthorized

program changes.