Technical Specification

BodyGuard 121 Twins for Vet™ 

Piston Mechanism

Linear Syringe Driver Mechanism

Infusion Modes


          Lock ON

          Lock OFF

          Rate Mode





     Time Mode





     Size (W/H)

6x2 cm

     Resolution (W/H)

122x32 pixel

Flow Rate Accuracy

± 5 %

Syringe Size*

Syringe Brands

Flow Rate Range

0.1 - 1200 ml/h

Programmble Infusion Time

100 hrs

Volume to be Infused

0.1 - 6550 ml

Max Syringe Travel

KVO Rate

0 (OFF) - 5 ml/h

Ultrasonic Air Sensor

Air bubble size 0.1 – 1 ml

Occlusion Pressure

5, 7.5 or 10 psi

Pressure Sensor Mechanism

Post-Occlusion Bolus Protection

Pump Alarms/Alerts

     Syringe not Recognized


     End Program

     Occlusion (up/down stream)

     Near End/Nearly Complete

     End Syringe Travel

     Low Battery

     End Battery

     Pump Unattended

     Pump Paused

     Door Open

     Syringe Displaced 

     Lock Mode

     Check Syringe Placement

Power Supply 100-240 AC, 50/60 Hz (10W / 0.3A)


     Rechargable Li-Polymer 7.4V

     1800 mAh. Life at 125 ml/h:

Up to 9 hrs

     Extended-life Rechargable 

     Li-Polymer 7.4V 3600 mAh.

     Life at 125ml/h:

Up to 14 hrs

     Disposable Alkaline 9V (x2)

    Life at 125 ml/h:

     Rechargable NiCad 7.2V

     900 mAh. Life at 125 ml/h:

Connectivity (Optional)

     RS232 Serial Port

BodyComm™ Software (Ready)

EMR Interface (Optional)


Type CF, Class I

Moisture Protection


Dimensions; pump only (H/W/D)

146 x 84 x 40 mm

Weight (with standard battery)

450 g

* Max volume infused for single infusion varies between syringe brands.

** Specification may vary depending on software version.
*** Manufacturer reserves the right to change the specifications without prior notification.