Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find an answer you’re looking for? Read through these Frequently Asked Questions! If you’re still at a loss, contact us by E-mail, or telephone and we’ll be more than happy to speak with you.


Are CME pumps for ambulatory or bedside/hospital use?


Both!  All pumps can be pole-mounted or fixed to our MultiDock station for an organized intensive care environment. At the same time, CME products are designed to be compact and lighweight for increased mobility, making it highly attractive for home care use as well.


Are CME infusion pums available in different languages?


Sure. Our products are available in more than 25 languages. Contact us to find out more.


What are the advantages of using CME dedicated infusion sets?

  • CME pumps are specifically calibrated to CME sets, providing optimal infusion accuracy and linearity.

  • CME sets are equipped with a loading key that prevents misleading and an anti free-flow/anti-reflux valve.

  • Non DEHP or PVC free tubing are used on all CME disposables.

  • All sets are equipped with an anti-kink tubing. DEHP free PVC is plasticized with other agents making it less flexible and therefore less susceptible to kinking. This feature effectively reduces alarms during infusions.


What brands of syringes can the T34/T34L/T34L-PCA/Neofeed pump accept and detect?​


Any and all!. While a standard syringe pump is able to automatically detect up to 6 syringe brands of all sizes

2-60mL (<50 in T34), CME can pre-program the pump to detect any syringe brand (of the said sizes) used by the customer. Simply tell us your needs!